Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Street Art Of Ljubljana

wolf / snaga

My trip to Slovenia proved to be a delight. Days I mostly walked around Ljubljana, getting a tan and building up repeated thirsts that were ably quenched by the local brew Laško. The locals deride it, likely out of familiarity, but it has a nice thirst-quenching bite and is not near as bland as possible alternatives (for example the other national beer, Union).

The city centre is beautiful, full of the most appealing architecture from several historical periods. So it surprised me that most every surface was covered with the most brutal of tagging, without a doubt the lowest form of graffiti. However, there is also occasional expertise in the street art, which is what this post is all about.


the neighbours

I spent a lot of time at Metelkova, which is an arts collective (or rather a collection of such collectives) that appears to exist without any direct interference or support from the government. Yes, it's a real-world example of a Temporary Autonomous Zone, and it's been "temporary" since 1993. In the fall of that year, the people occupied what was the former military barracks area, to prevent it from being torn down by the government. My understanding is that the state was only instigating this destruction to prevent the space being used by the people in the first place; permission had been sought through proper channels for some time.

In any case, Metelkova is without a doubt one of the coolest places on earth. It is so chock full of art that a few examples will have to suffice. (Though as always you can click through to my Flickr stream for more.)


funky demon

I will be posting again on Ljubljana before long.



Jaka said...

I'm glad you liked Ljubljana. You managed to get shots of things i've never seen before, and I'm almost local. :)

Hope to see you in our country again, all the best.

robin said...

Hello Jaka, I was in Slovenia again last year (2013) and will be there again in 2014... I seem to have developed a great fondness for Slovenia!

Jaka said...

If you'd like to experience an insight-view into Slovenia, you're more than welcome to "give me a ring". Jacqu3s at gmail. :)

Andy said...


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