Tuesday, July 31, 2012

See Me In Cork for ISSTC 2012

ISSTC 2012 is the second annual Irish Sound, Science and Technology Convocation (ISSTC). It's called a convocation because it's a lot more than just a conference, with workshops, sound installations, and multiple performances / concerts. If you have any interest in contemporary electroacoustic music you should be in Cork for the next couple of days, 1-2 August.

On Thursday at 3pm I will be delivering the paper "Becoming Noise: Unwanted Sounds From Helmholtz To Hegarty", in which I find a new role for noise outside the negative dialectical structure in which it is normally confined. Then at 8pm I have a première of a composition that draws on my field reco(r)ding work and illustrates (perhaps) some of the ideas I have talked about.

Sorry for the late notice but I have been just soooo busy preparing. You can find the full schedule of events here. Locations include the Cork School of Music and St. John’s College.

I am excited to present my work, (re) meet people, and see what everyone else has been working on!


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