Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Website Reboot

Website Reboot 2012

Welcome to my 2012 website reboot! It is still the case that I have many different sites, but I've cleaned out the deadwood and kept 15 links on my hub. This is now nicely decorated with CSS, HTML, Javascript, and a soupcon of amoeboid protozoa.

Theatre of Noise still has pride of place, since this is where I post my activities across all areas of interest. I even post about my website changes, which flirts with recursion. This blog is an easy place for people to get updates, thanks to the handy RSS feed. My most vital activities are as a composer and performer, so Remanence is next, followed by the escalation 746 site since that too is oriented around music production. (I have a new remix to post soon.) Further on, I've chosen to highlight my Vimeo and Facebook pages, but haven't done the same for my many other social networking sites, since they are under-utilised.

Further update details follow, since this is the best place to remind myself of what I've done.

I've replaced the Flash-based slide-show with a Javascript/CSS creation. This grabs images directly out of a custom Flickr set I have created for this purpose. So not only is the implementation more portable, it requires no work to maintain, beyond populating the Flickr set periodically. I've added a link to my Telemetry project, which was otherwise rather orphaned.

Added a few new entries, at least some of which really are questions I've been asked. You can likely learn more about me on this one page than on many others combined.

I've brought this up to date and extended the headings to include my teaching activities among other things. Though I still need a new picture.

I've scrapped the comprehensive CV since I already have one on Remanence that is more focussed.

escalation 746
Not long ago I updated this to use SoundCloud for the audio. It's just simpler.

Website Design
I've trashed the site for my defunct business Parmar Development. Instead, I've added a single page to showcase some of the design and development work I've done in recent years. Although I no longer make a living from building websites, I still do occasional work for community groups and fellow artists.

Diagramme Moderne
This blog is now well and truly dead. I had kept the place-holder pages online for about a year.

In addition I've updated my favicon, standardised on using the jQuery Javascript library, and deleted many stale files from the server.

Whew! That is it. For now.

Hopefully it all looks decent in recent browsers. I've tested in quite a few. But sorry, no iPhone optimisations. Maybe next time.


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robin said...

The page now validates as HTML 4.01 Strict. The CSS validates as CSS 3 with the exception of some idiotic stuff to get IE to work!

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