Friday, January 06, 2012

Record Sleeves Designed For Charity Competition

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

This is a single cover for a design contest TalentHouse is organising for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Secret 7" involves inviting regular folk like myself to show off their artwork. A number of winning entries will be exhibited and one cover chosen to house the actual record on release. There are seven participating bands. I ended up making covers for four of them. (What can I say -- not all were equally inspiring.)

Vote for each entry by clicking on the link I provide, which will take you to the corresponding page at TalentHouse. Then click the "Support Robin" button. It costs nothing and helps me out!

Vote for my take on The Cure's classic "Friday I'm In Love"
here. I tried to evoke a nice sunny, but at the same time nostalgic, feeling.

You will notice that the official entry has no text and is included in a frame. That is how they asked for it. I'm disappointed I had to remove the typography since certainly that's an integral part of any design.

Vote for this sleeve for "Only If For A Night" by Florence + the Machine here. My daughter introduced me to this band. I was first struck by their cool name and then by their creative soundscapes.

Florence + the Machine -Only If For A Night

Vote for this sleeve for Noah and the Whale's "Old Joy" here. The gospel vocals are nice enough but the drone that sets in towards the end of the song is fantastic. Yes, this is my hand and ring!

Noah and the Whale Old Joy

Finally, vote for this sleeve for "Black Flies" by Ben Howard here. It was difficult to find just one image to match this song. But I kept coming back to one line: "Maybe you were the ocean when I was just a stone." This is my own photo from the lovely west coast of Ireland. And yes, it was taken on an island, just so it ties in with some of the other lyrics.

Ben Howard - Black Flies


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