Monday, January 30, 2012

Cage Day In Cork

Katie O'Looney, special guest of The Quiet Club

I just had a great weekend down in Cork shooting the Cage Day celebrations, orchestrated by John Godfrey, director of the Quiet Music Ensemble. There were three events in total. What follow are shots from the first of these, "Inlets" at the Glucksman Gallery, on University College Cork, 27 January 2012. The four members of the QME teamed up with the similarly named Quiet Club (Danny McCarthy and Mick O'Shea), their numbers further augmented by guests Katie O'Looney and Derek Foott.

The two groups simultaneously played different pieces composed by John Cage, to a capacity crowd in the absolutely fabulous space. The setting, the music, and the people all came together to create a real treat. Click through the photos to find additional shots in my Flickr stream.

Danny McCarthy, Quiet Club

Dan Bodwell, double bass, Quiet Music Ensemble

the musicians

I'll post photos from the other two events later this week. There's also another festival coming up soon that I should tell you about before it happens.


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Katie O'Looney said...

it was a wonderful experience playing and seeing your photos will preserve the memory beautifully!

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