Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Gig Wrap

Robin Parmar live - from the crowd

So the performance last week went well enough. The space is very cool, even if it's not really optimised for music, being more or less a white box. With a nice open glass expanse it looks great but is very reflective. However the best thing is the open feeling among the people; their ability to accept different things. Here are some photos Susannah took of the proceedings. Unfortunately my levels were very low compared with the headline act, so my live-from-air recording did not work out. Like most of my performances, it was a one-off and will never be repeated in quite the same way. You either heard it on the night or it's gone forever!

I will be performing No Input Software on 30 April 2011 as part of a showcase of Irish improvisation. More on this in due course, but keep that date open on your calendar!

Robin Parmar live - blender meets guitar

In between two experiments in No Input Software was a piece for guitar and hand blender. The first thing I did when I bought a guitar was take off all the strings, for a performance in 2006 supporting KK Null. It's now back to having four wires strung and I used a fifth unattached string as a tactile device to activate the pickups directly.

Oh yeah, and a blender.

Robin Parmar live - controller

Robin Parmar live - audience

Thanks again to Damien Mullane, Campbell Kneale, Albert from Cork, and everyone else involved in the night! I hope there are many more like it. And a big thanks to Susannah for getting some nice photos in very low light.


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