Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"La Radia"

La Radia
Here's a good example of what happens when I get carried away... my typographic layout for the classic Futurist manifesto "La Radia". I've been gathering important historical texts for the unit on radiophonics I am teaching and this one captured my imagination. Here are two examples of the rhapsodic prose:

"La radia must not be cinema because cinema is dying (a) from rancid sentimentalism of subject matter (b) from realism that involves even certain simultaneous syntheses (c) from infinite technical complications (d) from fatal banalizing collaborationism (e) from reflected brilliance inferior to the self-emitted brilliance of radio-television"

"La radia shall be the reception amplification and transfiguration of vibrations emitted by matter. Just as today we listen to the song of the forest and the sea so tomorrow shall we be seduced by the vibrations of a diamond or a flower"

Download the complete PDF here.



robin said...

P.S. Any anomalies of punctuation and so on are in the original.

Unknown said...

Link to PDF file is broken. Do you still have a copy you could post again... or email to me?

Thanks, Tim

robin said...

I've updated the link. Thanks for the interest!

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