Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Twelve Minutes on Catherine Street" online from Portugal

site viewI am pleased to announce that my piece "Twelve Minutes on Catherine Street" is being broadcast on the net as part of RadiaLx, an international radio art festival based in Lisboa, Portugal. Activities will be taking place 1-3 July at various locations across the city, including the Lumiar Cité gallery and the gardens of the Goethe-Institut.

RadiaLx will be broadcasting three days of radio art on Rádio Zero, available at 99.0MHz in Lisbon and also streamed worldwide over their website. According to the press release, this "comprises site-specific projects, streams from all over the world and live shows, as well as broadcasts of the most contemporary and inventive radio art works."

"Twelve Minutes on Catherine Street" consists of a soundscape recording narrated as though it were a play, with each sonic action assigned words and meaning. This is played twice, first with the words and then without, in order to pose questions of how we frame and apprehend a scene aurally, and how words shape the meaning of what we hear.

On May Day 2010 I recorded the sounds of Catherine Street in Limerick, Ireland as a prelude to the Catherine Street Dig, a weekend of cultural interventions and site-specific works. You can read more about that in my previous post. For that project I time-shifted the sounds, playing them back into the same location one week after their recording. In order to find a way of perpetuating this fragment of phonography, I looked to theatre. I scripted and narrated the sonic experience of being on that street at that time, giving words to the actions that had occurred there.

The result is a radiophonic composition in which the actions seem scripted by the words and not vice versa. "Twelve Minutes on Catherine Street" is part of my continuing investigation into remanence, a term that describes the impression of continuing to hear a sound recently present, but now extinguished.


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