Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Suite for Limerick" Performed in Brighton

If you are in Brighton this weekend (16-18 July) you have a chance to hear my visual score being performed as part of the Soundwaves Festival, three days of "cutting-edge new-music, sound-art, and participatory experiences that will intrigue and inspire!" "Suite for Limerick (Lines in the Sky)" is in six movements for an arbitrary number of performers. The score is derived from photos I took of aerial wires above the streets and alleys of Limerick. I have omitted any written instructions to the players, since I believe it is easy enough to find ways of interpreting the shapes, colours and intersections of same.

In total 17 scores will be interpreted on Sunday the 18th, in the quad garden area of the Sallis Benney Theatre. The first set starts at 7.40pm. My piece is in the second set, starting at 8.50 pm. This page lists all of the scores so you can check out the creativity on display. I am glad to say that mine is the most colourful contribution!

Unfortunately my budget does not stretch to a weekend trip. This is a shame since Brighton in the summer is an incredibly happening place full of cool people and great food, not to mention the promenade, beach and pier. I was there a couple years back as a guest of their poetry festival.


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