Friday, June 25, 2010

Sound Environment for OPENED3:SPATIAL

Z in lightA week from tomorrow, Saturday 3 July from 2-4pm, I will be creating a sound environment for a choreography by Edd Schouten, to take place at the lovely Daghdha Space, St. John's Church, John's Square, Limerick, Ireland. Edd has worked with over a dozen performers on his investigation into spatial engagement. This is a perfect fit for my own recent sound works.

I have been busy creating custom software instruments that will allow me to dynamically augment the sound environment of this space, one I know so well from previous performances and installations. I will experiment with two modalities: simple sine tones and phonography (field recordings). These will be organised vertically (simultaneously), horizontally (sequentially) and spatially using a system of six speakers.

Here is the press release in full:

Join us after the Saturday Market and before the evenings Mardi Gras for a social and cultural event.

Daghdha invites you to OPENED3:SPATIAL a uniquely engaging event by Edd Schouten, artist and choreographer on the Daghdha Mentoring Programme, OPENED3 is based on his current investigations: "dialogues in spatial engagement".

OPENED3: SPATIAL will take place throughout the afternoon on Saturday 3rd July and you are welcome to experience the work from various viewpoints, to move around the Space and come and go as you please. Homemade lemonade and ice tea will be served in a relaxed outside setting, weather permitting and everyone is welcome.

Robin Parmar has designed an original soundscape for the day with performances by Jesse den Dulk, Isabella Oberländer, Lucy Suggate, Christina Gangos, Kaspar Aus, Emmalena Fredrikson, Giorgio Convertito, Dianne Reddington, Luke Howlin, Christopher Mahon, Cathy Walsh, Maria Svensson, Gwen McHale and more.

"I will work with the performers on movement quality and spatial engagement strategies which I will then orchestrate into a durational score. Within the Space of the Daghdha Church will emerge a hyper real simulation where arbitrary compositions and perceived relationships materialise according to the viewer’s own subjective perception". – Edd Schouten


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eric waldemar said...

Just reading this on the 4th, morning after the show, but in any case, I'm still in Denver, Colorado, coming in to Shannon, then Letterkenny later this week for, among other things, an exhibition I'm doing with my wife. Nice to stumble into a glimpse of interesting doings in Eire.

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