Tuesday, June 01, 2010

See You In London

I'm going to be in London and vicinity for a week. If you happen to see me wandering the streets with a dazed expression on my face, that's because I just finished four submissions in two days (one remix, one new radiophonic piece, one conference paper and one other I don't even remember). Then I will be down in Kerry at a literary festival for two days before hopping a flight over to old Blighty. (I hear that's what the cool people call it.)

If you're interested in meeting, I will be delivering a paper Wednesday 9 June at the conference Interactivity and the Audio Arts, held by the Department of Music and Audio at the University of Kent campus in Medway. That's not too far out of London.

The paper is entitled "Forgetting Interactivity: Notes Towards A Typology" and this is the abstract:

This article presents a simple model for interactivity along with an examination of the roles the various entities in this system play. It considers the contradictions in considering cyberspace as a space, the problematic inherent in the oxymoron "virtual reality", the mirror form in relationship to the interactive, and the oft overlooked place of the acoustic in this formulation. Important insights are gleaned from Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, David Rokeby and Jean Baudrillard, among others. The three orders of interactivity that result — The Spectator, The Collaborator, The Magician — allow for a nuanced typology and critique of interactive systems.

Hopefully that is a reasonable representation of how the paper will appear when finished. I am at the stage now where I have too much material and must cut, cut, cut. And then make some slides.

Oh yeah, it's going to be a long night. And did I mention a dazed expression?


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