Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Features For The New Year

It's my habit to inform you of the little tweaks I make to this blog. I thought I'd clean house for the New Year in order to improve your reading experience. Take a quick look around... see anything different? Didn't think so. ;-)

But there are actually seven little tweaks. Read on for details.

A while ago Blogger added a label feature to their online authoring tool. Labels are simple text tags. When you see one, you can click on it to get a page listing all my articles that share that label. Unfortunately such label pages are not obvious from their appearance, but the URL will look something like "http://noisetheatre.blogspot.com/search/label/music". At least it will for the "music" label.

Do you want to subscribe to a site feed for a specific label? You can do that too by using an address like the following in your RSS tool: "http://noisetheatre.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/music".

I've begun to add labels to each of the articles. This is obviously a painstaking task. So far I've updated my posts from 2008.

In order to give you a more comprehensive overview of my recent writing, I've increased the number of posts on the home page to 10. I hope this doesn't slow down the page rendering significantly.

In order to make things more efficient, I've made some simplifications. The links to comments no longer appear on the main and archive pages.

Likewise I've figured out how to hide labels on the main and archive pages. You'll only see the labels for an article when reading the full article itself. I don't think they are terribly relevant anywhere else.

The archives list in the sidebar is now in reversed chronological order. It just makes more sense that way.


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