Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vote No Or It's The Last Vote You Get

I believe in democracy, real democracy, the kind where people are informed and consulted and play a key role in policy-making. The current Irish referendum is a good example of that.

The Lisbon Treaty would remove the need for there ever to be another Irish referendum on EU matters. New constitutional changes will be made without going through the current process to modify the laws.

Not only that but the current process within the EU that requires a unanimous vote of all member states would be replaced by a majority vote. And furthermore, smaller countries are having their voting power reduced significantly in favour of the larger countries (eg: Germany, France).

What this all adds up to is a serious erosion of democratic principles in favour of an oligarchy. Instead of a federation of cooperating states we end up with a super-state. If we vote for the Lisbon Treaty we will never be asked to vote again!

So I am asking you all to vote "No" for a better Europe and to send the strong signal that we, the people, do not want to be sidelined in the political process.

The non-partisan Rock The Vote has all the factual info you need to get out there and vote!


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