Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"That's Stone'enge, innit?"

Tourism Series #11506

I loved Stonehenge. Not because of the rocks themselves, but because it was such a hyper-real tourism experience, the sort of place where you get...

A young tourist taking pictures of an illustration of Stonehenge.

An older tourist taking 20 photos in rapid succession of the same view of a pile rocks. Someone should tell him they are not moving. In fact they haven't moved for thousands of years. That's the whole point, dude!

Young tourists observing "That's Stone'enge, innit?"

Dozens of people paying more attention to the tour guide in their earpiece than to anything happening around them.

People posing, as if for Rembrandt, in front of a distant pile of rocks.

Tourism Series #11527

And all of this ritualistic behaviour taking place in a circle around the rocks... not much has changed then.

Yes, indeed I am in love with Stonehenge. I could have spent hours there, but we had limited time and I'm not sure the rest of my family shared my fascination in quite the same way.

Tourism Series #11458

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