Saturday, May 05, 2007

Samplitude Plugins Available

I haven't had much to say about Samplitude lately, since my own use of it has been relatively minimal and static. Still, the programme marches on, with version 9.02 the latest out of the doors. Here's news on a couple of reviews and the brand new line of plugin effects.

For the first time Magix has made available some of the lauded built-in effects as VST plug-ins for other sequencer packages. These are three separate products.

The Analogue Modelling Suite I've raved about since they were freeware plugins from Sascha Eversmeier. This toolkit includes a compressor, transient designer and channel strip, each designed to get that nice rounded analogue sound. The Vintage Effects Suite includes a chorus/flanger, echo/delay and multimode filter. Finally, VariVerb Pro is a reverb that's been getting rave reviews.

These are priced at €199, €119 and €199 respectively. Buying all three will hence set you back €517 of the €999 full price of Samplitude Professional. But no-one ever pays that sum when you can cross-grade from older versions of competing products for €599.

Hmmmm, should I shell out for just the effects or spend €82 more for the best multi-tracker on the planet? Let me think!

In the January issue of Sound on Sound there's a review of Samplitude 9, currently only available to subscribers.

Ken Morgan has a review of Samplitude Professional 9.01. You'll have to scroll down the page or search in order to find it.


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robin said...

This article is now out-dated. Different plugins are sold from those I mention.

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