Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bicentenary Post

Well, here we are, at my two-hundredth article for this blog. When I started The Theatre of Noise less than two years ago, it was as I stated at the time, designed to replace an outdated website that I never got around to fixing. Having a blog meant that I was more disposed to write articles, since the barrier to publishing was so low.

Since then I have posted in fits and starts, covering a wide range of topics. Some say that a blog should be focused and well-defined, and that might certainly be true for ease of marketing. But I have never been interested in being the most popular place on the net. I just want to be able to share, to let others into my own world.

This has made The Theatre of Noise a sprawling affair, where one is as likely to find a parody of in-flight safety cards, a solution to spam and a look at innovative alarm clocks as one is to learn about a disease in virtual pets, read a poem or discover one of my sound art performances.

Along the way I moved the articles on computer programming and development to their own home, diagrammes modernes, so that technical matters wouldn't swamp the rest of the content. This also made it easier for me to syndicate that blog to places that wanted to aggregate technical articles.

Lately there have been a few dry periods bereft of articles, but that is mostly because I have finally gone back to developing "normal" websites. The best place to start exploring these is my home base at robinparmar.com.

This does not mean the blogs have suddenly become redundant, only that I now have an even wider choice as to where I publish articles, depending on their content. I can also resume some of the wilder hypertext experiments I used to engage in, projects that have technical requirements a blog cannot satisfy.

Some wonder how I have the time to do all of this writing. Sometimes I wonder too!

There's one thing that would help. If you read a review that saves you money, reveals to you obscure music you suddenly come to love, or find something that makes you nod your head in agreement or laugh out loud, why not show your appreciation by making a small Paypal donation?

Or, the next time you want to purchase from Amazon, do so by following one of my Amazon links. You make your purchases as usual; I get a small portion of the profit that would otherwise go to them. Everyone wins!

Also, I strongly encourage more comments. I want to know your opinions, discover further information I have neglected, or find out about articles that refer back to The Theatre Of Noise.

Lots more adventures lie ahead, I promise. So continue reading, agreeing, disagreeing and telling others about this site.

Thank you all for reading!


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching 200.

Many more to come.

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