Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Fourth Funny Thing List

In today's installment we have sheep, pigeons, fish, and other unfortunates. Because animals are so funny. Plus warnings about how the electrons in our water, or the planet beneath our feet, may not be rotating as we expect. So strap yourself in and go clicky clicky.

Sheep pine for absent friends and prefer happy, smiley people. Well, I always thought so. With mint sauce. Go!

Nicholas Gurewitch draws The Perry Bible Fellowship, which is deliberately funny. Go!

Rotation stoppage is now imminent. Only a handful of you -- repeat, a few -- will understand this. The Polar Shift Preparedness site adopts a strangely hostile tone. Go!

This auto-navigator recommends a trip by way of England to get around Norway. Go!

If you can't find pigeons, you may use chickens. Go!

"RAF planned kamikaze anthrax pigeon squadron." Developed by an RAF "wing commander", naturally. And exactly what is up with this pigeon tendency in today's news? Go!

The electrons in this mug take on a positive left spin. And if you believe that... Go!

The Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club is not quite as sick as it sounds. Or is it? Go!

Why God invented Flash. For dancing. Go!

Jet-powered wheelchair a surprise for mother-in-law. As well it might. Go!

The one that got away this time is an EBay auction for a signed... breast implant.

Soon they won't let fish on planes. Go!

There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?
-- Woody Allen


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