Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Fifth Lot of Funny Things

Here again is a listing of twelve hilarious sites: some intentionally, some not, some the work of crackpots, some the work of journalists, with one that has gone to that big bit bucket in the sky. Plus a reminder for the young that, believe it or not, Woody Allen was once amusing.

Contains the phrase "fully indemnify little girls from possible legal action". Go!

I heart you. Go!

"He'd like it back," Mr. Bradshaw said. Go!

I knew someone would find something positive to do with New York City. Go!

Donkey killed for film "according to Swedish law". Go!

The Painstation is perfect for those who actually want to feel pain while gaming. Somehow I think this has a limited market. Need I say it was developed by Germans? (Joke! Joke! Some of my best friends, etc. etc.) Go!

It's just a meme I felt compelled to transmit. Go!

I only wish web sites were actually like this. I don't often include posts from obvious joke sites, but exceptions must sometimes be made for the good of the nation. And no, I do not know which nation. Go!

This week's missing in action URL is the verbatim transcripts of a particular stupid secondary school teacher... apparently so stupid that the reporting student could hardly keep up with their inanities. That's exactly how I remember school.

Because we were too stupid to figure this out for ourselves. Go!

Best zombie movie double bill Dawn Of The Dead and Passion Of The Christ. Could offend. Go!

Hit me Jesus, one more time. A classic, well before Mel Gibson turned his attentions to this area. Go!

Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage.
-- Woody Allen


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robin said...

The donkey and Mr. Bradshaw are now MIA but all the other links still work five years later. It's a miracle!

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