Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh God! It's Kate Bush

Well, now truly, what am I going to do about Kate Bush? It is true that she haunts me. It is true that she is the very image of beauty in womanhood that I strive to possess (knowing that possession is pointless). It is true that I once gave up having dinner with her in order to pass a university degree. It is true that I once listened to her then-new single1 with the love of my life and we cried and cried.

It is true I was at her first ever North-American convention. It is true that I have a small fortune of merchandise in her name. It is true that when children we lived rather close together. It is true that she once signed a record to me, though I am sure she would not remember. It is true I did a lot to promote her on radio in Canada back "in the day". And it is true that I could not bring myself to buy her last album, so dire it was.

Well, a new album is out. A double. Called Aerial (good name, steals one of mine.) And she produced it herself so it likely has all the problems of her last two self-produced efforts. Why did she not get me to produce it?

Oh yeah, I am nobody; she is everything. Thanks for reminding me.

Fixated on motherhood, birdsongs, and Elvis, this will be a stinker. But I think I may cry anyway. Once more. For old-time's sake. Bring on November 8.

This article created under the "full-disclosure" amendment of 1963. Any embarrassment caused is purely personal.

1For reference, the song was the b-side "Under the Ivy".



Anonymous said...

hey robin,

i figured the resurgence of kate bush might spark some comment from you. i first learned about it from an ad for the new double album in one of thos ein flight magazines on my way to detroit. it didn't bode well.

but . . . you once missed dinner with kate bush to take an exam? this i didn't know and can scarcely believe . . . do tell!


robin said...

Well, this was in the eighties. Kate Bush was on a rare promotional tour of North America, for Hounds of Love IIRC. I was going out with a certain woman who ended up in the music promotion game, and even at that time we had some contacts in the industry. Not to mention we were "inside" the whole KT worldwide network, a very strange place full of passions and fixations.

I don't know how it was arranged but there was an option for us to travel three hours to Toronto and possibly meet KT. But I had an exam, and in those days had to maintain an A average in order to proceed with my degree programme. So I could not afford to sacrifice a single test.

I stayed home and got a good mark. Eventually I graduated with an HBSc. in Theoretical Physics, which I promptly put into a drawer.

My girlfriend went to Toronto and had dinner with Kate. Or tea. Gave her a rose I think. (Memories fade.)

So do passions. My girlfriend and I eventually broke up. I imagine she is still in the music biz. How sad is that?

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