Sunday, September 04, 2005

Pre-Announcing New CD

The mastering for the Control Tower Sound CD is complete! All recordings were made to reproduce the live improvisations of the Friday August 5th performance. That is, these are the same pieces as those heard on the night, but different versions.

I can now announce the track listing.

1. Theme From "Control Tower Sound" 2:03
2. Integrated Noise Model 7:09
3. Floating Threshold 11:09
4. Fly Quiet Program 6:09
5. "Sound Is..." 4:53
6. Ground Run-Up Enclosure 3:52
7. "Control Is..." 6:39
8. Weather Deviation 4:47
9. To Measure Us 1:29
10. Instrument Approach 2:44
11. Terminal Radar 8:28
12. Finale From "Control Tower Sound" 2:05

Next I must finish the packaging design and create a quantity of disks. These will be hand-made in small batches.

A CD release party will be forthcoming once I secure a venue.

For some sound samples and notes on the evening see my previous post. Browsing through the archives will yield up further treasures.

I am already working on future musical endeavors. This is going to be a very busy fall, and a great time for anyone in Limerick who enjoys something a little experimental in their music.


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robin said...

I have edited this post to reflect the fact there is an additional track on the CD. The total duration is now 61:27.

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