Saturday, September 17, 2005

Framemakers Dublin

Next week the Daghdha Dance Company take their art project Framemakers to Dublin, as part of the Fringe. In June I attended their symposium Choreography As An Aesthetics Of Change here in Limerick. It was a stimulating and always mutating blend of lecture, dance, discussions, music, text, interventions, Q&A, and... Wilson.

This project, Seven Days of Everything, is taking place in the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar from 19-25 September. The space is open from 10am-5pm with a more formal performance at 8pm. Exactly what will happen I cannot say. Not because I am sworn to secrecy, but rather because I don't think anyone can describe the free-flowing mix of activities that is likely to occur. Not even after the fact are textual descriptions that apt. All I can reveal is that there will be no... Wilson.

The event is free. I will be there Monday and Tuesday, maybe observing, maybe disrupting, maybe encouraging.


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I have now a full article on this event.

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