Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Field Recording Gear

This is a summary of articles I've written on field recording gear. This is for all of you seeking inexpensive solutions without forsaking excellent quality.


How to choose a mic for a portable recorder:
Part 1: Recorder and Rationale
Part 2: Microphone Types and Powering
Part 3: How To Choose?

Three microphones compared on Valentine's Day:
microphone comparison

Companion to above. How to match your microphone to your recorder. Plus, some recommended configurations.
Comments on field recording gear

Compared: EM172, Panasonic WM-61, Olympus built-in.
PIP microphone tests


Portable Audio Recorders Summary (updated May 2022)

All about the Zoom F8 (and F4):
Overview and features
Firmware suggestions
Powering the recorder
Comparing power methods
Zoom F4/F8 feature comparison
Proposals for a Zoom F8 Pro
Zoom F8 firmware update 3

A new promising unit:
Tascam DR-100 MkIII

Two classic recorders that I still recommend:
Sony PCM-M10 and Olympus LS-10 revisited
Sony PCM-M10 and Olympus LS-10 sound examples


Recommended headphones

Field recording praxis: a walk-through of an expedition.