Thursday, September 14, 2017

Desktop Electronic Music

Desktop Electronic Music describes making music with small, inexpensive, portable, and interoperable devices, connected on the desktop, with -- or more often without -- a laptop computer.

The Fourth Wave of Electronic Music defines this term, as it relates to the previous dominant modes of music-making. DEM does not specify what music is made, but rather the means of production. I believe it to be a useful name for something that, until now, has had no designator.

Mixers for DEM compares twelve signal mixing devices. Which are best-suited to DEM?

Survey of Matrix Mixers continues the gear round-up by listing available matrix mixers. This survey came up short, which leads immediately to the next article.

Proposal for a Matrix Mixer is a general specification for a mixer specifically made for DEM, enabling creative control in a small form factor.

MIDI Wiring Diagrams clarifies how DIN and TRS plugs are wired for MIDI transfer. Read this before reaching for the soldering iron!

Series on Korg Volcas:

The music of Mika Vainio as related to this discussion.

I wish to thank the Arts Council for their support in the initial stages of this work.