Thursday, October 03, 2019

Now is the time to buy AKG cans

Public service announcement for all my European heads. AKG Studio Headphones are currently massively discounted at Thomann.

For closed cans I heartily recommend the AKG K271 MK II at €69 (from €160). These automagically turn off when you remove them from your head, so no leakage in the studio. They last forever and have replaceable cables.

For more clarity, the open AKG K-701 are currently as low as €103 (from €229). Not for bass mavens but amazing otherwise.

AKG K-712 Pro are incrementally better and have stronger bass response. Now €199 (from €399). Currently my go-to cans for music listening and mixing.

My comprehensive article on headphones goes into other options.

I am currently testing some Ollo Audio headphones from Slovenia, so stay tuned for a review of those.


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