Monday, February 05, 2018

Join me on Patreon

You might have noticed that I recently posted three articles after a drought of some months. The fact is, I don't always know what to post and who I am posting for. It's great to get feedback, but this doesn't always happen. Without encouragement, the site stagnates.

I have been wondering for some time how to bring together my supporters. How do I give back more, but in a relevant way? I am committing to Patreon as an answer. Please check out my brand new page.

If you are familiar with Patreon, hop over there now. Otherwise, keep reading and I will explain.

Maybe you have enjoyed my articles on field recording, Korg Volcas, Arduino coding... or my record reviews... or film recommendations... The Theatre of Noise has 730 posts, so there are many reasons you might be here.

Maybe you are simply curious about media technology, this wonderful mix of beauty and wonder and sheer frustration we deal with every day. On Patreon I will be sharing cool stuff I find each week, to keep us inspired and focused.

Besides this, there are two reward tiers you make content available for a small commitment. This is not a donation, but a way to buy more pertinent content.

Creative Solutions starts at $1 per month. Want to improve your audio knowledge, Max chops, or coding skills? This tier unlocks helpful tutorials and reviews. These are written in response to your needs, so hook up and start asking me questions!

Or maybe you simply want to thank me for a blog article that saved you time and headaches. Or the help I provide on Facebook and tech forums. Or the photo I took of your band for your website. This is the place!

Music Lover starts at $3 per month. You gain access to music well in advance of its release, plus exclusive tracks. The majority of what I create never gets published. It has always frustrated me that some of my best music is heard only by close friends. Well, now you can be part of that group!

And what about The Theatre of Noise? Will I continue to post here? The answer is certainly yes. In fact, I hope that Patreon will focus my energies, making any blog articles more pertinent to you, my readers.

Thanks for your commitment over the years. Forwards in all directions!


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robin said...

Patreon experiment is done! Join me back here. :-)

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