Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Zoom F8 Firmware Update 3

This is a rather belated post. But, as you can see from my website, I've been rather busy.

In August of last year I wrote a number of articles on the Zoom F8. One of these listed firmware suggestions to improve the recorder. Since then Firmware 3.0 was released, so I've edited that article to indicate which of the suggestions have been implemented. The majority have, which is incredible service on the part of Zoom. (I know some of you are reading this, so thanks!)

Besides those changes, version 3 implements a number of new features:

* Support for the new F-Control.

* Individual tracks can be monitoring without recording.

* Note and Track Name metadata can be edited while recording.

* You can specify which keys will be locked when the unit is locked for recording. These are: Track 1-8, PFL 1-8, Trim Knob 1–8, Slate Mic, Slate Tone, Encoder, MENU, HP Volume, REW, STOP, FF, PLAY, REC.

Of my previous suggestions, only the following remain valid: 4, 8, 9, 10, 12.

I will be taking the F-8 on my next major excursion, so you'll be hearing more from me. In the meantime, it's making headway in the film industry, quite a number of independent sound engineers choosing it for its low cost, without compromise.



K.J. said...

Hi Robin,

firmware 4.1 is out:


It adds ambisonic recording capabilities to the recorder.

Unfortunately the non-professional dual recording mode (problem 10) was not addressed in the new firmware.

Cheers, K.J.

robin said...

Thanks K.J. I have not been keeping these posts up to date. The new features are welcome, and shows that Zoom has interest in keeping this line fresh.

There is certainly still room for improvement!

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