Sunday, October 09, 2016

New track on Silent Records

I am proud to say I am a part of the new Silent Records. Founded by Kim Cascone (AKA Heavenly Music Corporation) in 1986, this label went on to become the seminal American ambient label. Well, Kim has rebooted Silent and released two giant compilations.

The first, From Here to Tranquility - Volume 6 features original artists from the first wave of Silent.

The second, unsurprisingly entitled From Here to Tranquility - Volume 7, features new artists and friends of the label. This release is divided into a "Light Side" and a "Dark Side". No points for guessing where I am. You get close to three hours (!) of music from 24 different artists, all for only $15.

There's some pretty amazing sounds here, from dark ambient to chill-out... something for everyone really. All with the high quality sound and mastering you'd expect from Silent.

Go directly to Bandcamp for barrier-free listening. You can also purchase from Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes, etc.

Mike over at Ambient Music Guide enthuses:

"This week I discovered something that had my inner emusic fanboy going berserk: Silent Records - the legendary 90's ambient dance and electronica label - is back."

Check out that article for some insights.

An intriguing aside: This release marks the first time any of my music has been available in Japan! My track costs 200 yen over at the Amazon Japan site. But buy the whole album... it's a lot better deal.

I'll have more to say about my composition "Division by Zero {shadow}" at a later date.

Besides all this... you can expect more music from me in another couple of weeks.

Exciting times for music lovers!


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