Friday, May 20, 2016

The Marketing Meeting

Lord of the Fries

We need to attract a more literary market for our client's fried food products.

OK, well how about selling fries using a book title? Y'know, for potential customers who read. The client needs to attract more punters who sometimes might crack open a book. Like I hear some people do while on holiday.

Sure, sure, sounds wonderful! Now, what rhymes with "fries"? "Thighs"?

Too sexy. Can't be having that.


No, too negative. How about "flies"? That's what comes to mind when people think about our special sauces.

Brilliant! Can't see anything wrong with that! Is there a book title that ends in "flies"?

I remember this book I was supposed to read back in school. It's some adventure thing about kids.

Perfect! We'll corner the literary market AND people who like children. What was it called?

Lord of the Flies. It's some sort of a Lord of the Rings thing. Remember, we used that title last year in our onion ring campaign.

Was that a book? I thought it was a film or something.

Yeah, I think someone wrote an adaptation.

Brill! Brill! Get this headline: Lord of the Fries!

Catchy! Wholesome! Family-friendly! And totally positive.

Yes, no negative references at all! No bullying, anarchy, fascism, class divisions, post-societal breakdown...

No, no, none of that. Just good wholesome curry sauce.

OK, now that's sorted. Now, second item: We have a client who needs some sort of a safety slogan for their ice cream vans.

Well, I've got just the thing for that!

Don't Skid


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