Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My new album "...between..." now available!

I am proud to announce that you can now purchase the album "...between..." from the lovely people at German label Gruenrekorder. It comes in high quality FLAC files with an assortment of photographs.

Places are made real as we encounter them, through our physical presence, memories, and imagination. This album was created using location recordings and the timbres of musical instruments. These have been transformed into landscapes that are perhaps as fictive as they are real. Birds eat bread from a frost-covered wall. Trains rattle over bridges in the centre of London. A mysterious drone sounds out in rural Ireland. Someone throws stones into a stream. A police siren plays a duet with a piano.

The album has already been reviewed by Musique Machine, the Multi-Genre Music Magazine, who gave it four stars, saying "Parmar & Colohan have created ten skillfully crafted pieces to accompany you through life's mundanities and then transport you to the ethereal realms." That's so nice!

You may have heard my Drones album, radiophonic experiments, or electroacoustic compositions. This is different again, with a quieter and more contemplative overall aesthetic. The pieces were very much informed by the music and phonography contributed by David Colohan. That set the tone.

You will also want to watch the brand new short film "newlyborn", written & directed by David. His talent knows no bounds.


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