Friday, February 22, 2013

Six Million Sounds Per Second: A Guided Listening Session

six million sounds per second

Not only is John Greenwood proprietor of the best bar in Limerick (great tunes, fab drink selection, lovely decor, smashing sound system), but he also has an open and community-oriented ethos. The general sound at Dr. John's favours acid jazzy dance beats, but he hosts everything from film nights to country music once a month. His new series is called Steps 2->3 and involves practitioners talking about their stuff.

Saturday 23 February it's my turn. But I am not as interested in talking so much as I am in listening. So I will play you a special sound and you can tell me what it reminds you of, what it sounds like. Or try to guess what it really is. Then I can fill in the background and answer any questions you may have.

I have gathered a set of amazing sounds, including some that I can guarantee you have never heard before. So please drop by at 2pm. The only requirement is a pair of open ears. Admission is free (of course).

I've been promoting this for the past few days on Facebook with the following teasers.

Can volcanoes make music? Find out on Saturday at Dr. John's.

Where is ping pong the universal language? Find out on Saturday at Dr. John's.

Why is the oldest recorded sound out of tune? Find out on Saturday at Dr. John's.

What sound will rid your community of pestilence? Find out next Saturday.

What is the quietest sound you can hear? Find out next Saturday.


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