Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Traditional Day at Millmount, Drogheda

While I was in Drogheda this past weekend to perform, I took the chance to have a good look around the town. The result is a rather large amount of photos, mostly of architectural details, disused buildings, and that sort of thing. But on a happier note I attended the Traditional Day at Millmount, which is a fortification on a domed hill, known locally as the cup and saucer. The site contains a museum, several craft studios, and the fort itself, open to the public.

priming The Bailey
The celebrations involved re-enactments and all sort of fun for the children, especially. Here's a short photo series based around the firing of the cannon which, thankfully for the town below, was loaded with black gunpowder and grass, but no cannonball. Still, it made an impressive sound, which was a challenge to capture without overloading the microphones on my digital recorder. Read on for photos and the sound recording. It's yours to download, and will sound better then than hearing it in streaming form.

cannon ready to fire


cover your ears!

six musketeers


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