Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Update To Reaktor 5.6 Released

It's been a year since the last update to Reaktor, which included a generous package of interface enhancements and free instruments. Now Native Instruments have released version 5.6, this one also totally free. Now that's service! Read on for a discussion of the product and a full list of bug fixes.

In terms of general profile, Reaktor is way down the list of priorities for NI. It's not even that easy to find it on their website. Nonetheless, it is apparent that NI are aware of how important it is to their geek image. The users of such bit-head development tools push the bleeding edge and drive a good deal of the culture around their other products. It's good to see that such support is appreciated.

Reaktor is an incredible software tool for building software instruments out of individual components, and then assembling the perfect ensemble of instruments for performance. It has been an essential part of my tool-kit for many years. In the world in which I compose, most prefer Max/MSP, generally out of lack of familiarity with any alternative. But when I was first looking for such a tool, more than a decade ago, Reaktor was far superior in terms of its interface and usability, while Max had the edge in terms of programmability and hardware interfaces.

According to the release notes, Reaktor 5.6.0 contains:
* 64 Bit support for Windows and OSX
* Added breadcrumb navigation to structure
* Improved navigation concept
* Added searchbox (Win: CTRL-F, OSX: CMD-F) to add modules
* New module reference and 5.6 manual addendum
* Scrolling of structures with Alt+Drag over structure
* Added hide frame and transparency property to XY module
* Added drag copy to other structure view
* Recorder shows recorded time while recording
* Add abort function to file not found dialog on project recall
* Improved loading time for ensembles with many Send/Receive terminals
* PNG file support for picture modules
* Updated start templates
* Added shortcut info to tooltips
* Changed keyboard shortcuts

It's definitely the first of these that makes the download worthwhile. 64-bit support should increase performance and allow for larger ensembles. I'll test this soon and report back.

The new keyboard shortcuts are:
* Toggle Edit mode: F1
* Toggle horizontal split: F2
* Toggle vertical split: F3
* Toggle properties view: F4
* Back: Alt+B
* Delete selected modules and/or wires: Backspace or Delete
* Navigate to parent folder in browser tree view:Left arrow
* Show macro content in other pane: Alt+doubleclick on macro
* Duplicate: Win: Ctrl+drag module(s), OSX: Alt+drag module(s)

The download is a substantial .5GB and will over-write any changes you have made to core files. If you get a slow download, it is best to cancel and try again. My first attempt would have taken an hour but my second completed in about ten minutes. Obviously the NI servers will be sending out thousands of copies of this much-anticipated file over the next few days.



robin said...

Here are the bug fixes as reported by NI:

* Fix R5-1291 Crash during saving a specific ensemble
* Fix R5-852 Crash due to broken router module
* Changed hint font to original Reaktor style
* Core and Primary debug/info/hints are displayed independent of each other now
* Fixed wrong conversion of float to int in list module
* Fix update of Core port names and types
* Fix R5-892 Ctrl+A in Sample Map Editor selects all modules in Structure
* Fix R5-1070 Reaktor Player removed invisible buttons from bottom of the browser
* Fix Sound changes when GUI is opened in plugin and snapshot-morph slider was set to B
* Fix R5-1030 Chunk recall with wrong panel arrangement
* Fix R5-623, R5-654, R5-1081 Pixel leftovers from help hints
* Fix R5-956 Background picture resizability settings are ignored
* Fix R5-947 Samplerate setting is not saved with project
* Fix R5-1091 Dbl clicking a snapshot bank name forces a "Local Copy" dialog
* Fix Crash Changing number of ports of Switch-, Receive-Terminal or Listmoduls
* Fix Instrument drag to the Panel
* Fix Crash issues with Send and Receive terminals
* Fix R5-947 Samplerate setting is not saved with project
* Fix R5-911 Application quit when importing the ensemble "Grobian 1.3"
* Fix Dragging a sample into player should initiate play
* Fix R5-292 Crash issue with Router
* Fix R5-1017 Crash issue when wiring
* Fix R5-924 Crash deleting instrument from structure
* Fix R5-59 Crash on delete while dragging inside Core area
* Fix R5-990 Event table grids not working
* Fix R5-1044 Two different modules selected in split view with core structures
* Fix R5-881 Focus issues
* Fix R5-630 Event loop warning does not open structure
* Fix R5-837 Event loop detection does not show the module
* Fix R5-1056 Crash due to wrong view button states
* Fix R5-465 Prehear jumps over selection on last soundfile above lower browser limit
* Fix R5-1050 Wrong properties shown when using "Show in Structure"
* Fix R5-579 Switching banks interrupts the store process
* Fix R5-1040 GUI state is not correctly recalled after restart
* Reverted event in/out port text colors to old style so fonts match w/ audio ports
* Snapshot master is marked in instrument dropdown menu
* Added mouseover hint that shows complete name to all namefields
* Ensemble is marked in top level structure header and bookmarks, panelset list and snapshot bank list
* Fix R5-660 File not found dialog searches for "Untitled Ensemble"
* Fix R5-1210 Mouse wheel does not take effect in browser
* Fix R5-472, R5-1289 OK and Cancel buttons swapped in some dialogs (OSX)
* Fix R5-1242 Menu redraw related issues
* Fix R5-1077 Instrument should not open as ensemble when dbl clicked in browser
* Fix R5-635, R5-978 Scale parameters are reversed and linked in Table Data dialog
* Fix R5-923 Split strucure redraw issue when selecting modules
* Fix R5-1051 Instrument selection by panelsets does not update properties
* Fixed Mac keyboard shortcuts and qwerty MIDI
* Fix R5-1217 Sample map can not be dropped on sampler module
* Fix R5-1341 Ctrl+Shift does not lower all incoming MIDI notes by two octaves
* Fix R5-1323 Old ensemble name remains in browser after loading another ens
* Fix R5-1308 Event table crash when setting 2D draw value
* Fix R5-1319 XY module connect tab has wrong colors
* Fix R5-777 Minor changes to string reading when converting from Mac -> Win encoding and vice-versa
* Fix R5-1250 measure CPU incorrect
* Fix R5-1279 Ensemble crash
* Fix R5-1261 Scrollbar dependancy
* Fix R5-952 Preferences window opens at 0,(0+menubar.height)
* Fix R5-1048 Editing of port labels of Primary Macros * wrong behaving

robin said...

And the rest of them:

* Fix R5-720 Core Debug doesn't work without activated info hints
* Fix R5-1248 Cmd+A no longer selects all modules
* Fix R5-1213 GREY WORKSPACE, when you load an arbitrary ensemble on top of an ensemble which is in structure view
* Fix R5-1233 XY-module and multidisplay are not congruent
* Fix Core copy&paste and renaming of quick busses
* Fix Selection issue (OSX)
* Fix Crash in VST on opening ensemble from browser
* Fix R5-855 OSC Dialog: OS frame has to be removed
* Fix R5-1046 Module label of Constant is not always updated
* Fix R5-1079 Samples can be mapped out of range (to a key greater than 128)
* Fix R5-678 Load options in preferences need disabled appearance
* Fix R5-1060 Moving a module by the cursor keys is not undo-able and does not set the changed flag
* Fix R5-1173 Modules not lining up
* Fix for auto-resize feature in plug-in
* Fix R5-1200 Inconsistent use of ellipsis
* Fix for not releasing after drag-to-copy modules
* Fix for struct "close" button when not in split mode
* Improved mouse+modifier handling
* Fix R5-1258, R5-1256, R5-1190, R5-1232 Misc. crash issues related to ensemble loading
* Fix R5-1226, R5-1211 Crash changing snapshots in Lazerbass
* Fix R5-1208, R5-1172 Crash in samplerate converter
* Fix R5-1191 Crash in 32bit hosts when 2GB memory usage is exceeded
* Fix R5-1171 In/Out Terminals can not be inserted via searchbox
* Fix R5-1163 Crash inserting bitmap in picture module
* Fix R5-1383, R5-1382, R5-1381, R5-1380, R5-1379, R5-1396, Fix R5-0307 properties label changes
* Fix R5-1020 Core table waveform display
* Fix R5-1011 Resynth drawing problem
* Fix R5-1407 Changing snap numbers does not affect Append/Store/Insert functionality
* Fix R5-1424 List module fix
* Fix R5-1195 Bad float rounding and graphic glitches
* Fix R5-1020 Core Table Module: Waveform display does not work
* Increase growing size of snapshot and player/recorder name fields
* Miscellaneous GUI fixes

Content Fixes:
* Fix R5-957 Krypt 1.3 stops triggering samples
* Fix R5-1058 2-OSC event table content fix
* Fix R5-1038 Fatblaster 2.0.2 snapshot master not set
* Fix R5-1037 Massive 1.1 snapshot master not set, snapper inactive snap added
* Fix R5-983 Metaphysical Function 1.3 A/B Randomize function button state issue
* Updated start templates
* Added new tutorial rehearsal ensemble
* Readded missing technical documentation

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