Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Melody Of Thinking

The Melody Of Thinking #1

I've been absent from this blog so far this year, busy with numerous activities including a new teaching position, composition and photography. On this last matter I'd like to bring your attention to the Unfringed Festival that is currently underway here in Limerick. In particular, today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) at 5pm you can view the Limerick Dance Triple Bill at 36 Cecil Street.

This includes "The Melody Of Thinking", choreographed by Angie Smalis and performed by Katarina Mojzisová, with an original composition by Dorota Konczewska -- three of the most creative artists in Limerick working together! I was happy to be asked to shoot the event and here are a couple of the photos I caught in rehearsal last week.

The Melody Of Thinking #2

Tickets are a tenner for each show in the festival. I hope to see you there! (And sorry for the late notice.)


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