Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Castle Fragments

coiledI have never had much luck shooting castles. The ramparts, balustrades and courtyards always seem much more impressive in person. The spaces, so full of the traces of past lives, are difficult to represent in a photo. At least, not without resorting to certain clich├ęs: unusual angles and strange perspectives.

Castle Fragments is the name of my latest set on Flickr, which I shot in King John's Castle here in Limerick, a space I am familiar with almost to the point of boredom. How not to be boring? For me, one way is to concentrate my vision on the small details, the overlooked, what might otherwise be banal.

These four shots are possibly the most representative. I used verbs as titles to articulate the history of these things as active objects with a real past, full of real people, uses and objectives. Even if it is not immediately apparent what use the object might be put to, it should be obvious that these are not abstracts but still lifes. Though life is never actually still, and a photograph never stops moving.




As usual you can click through these to larger versions on Flickr. I appreciate your comments.


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