Sunday, August 29, 2010

Post Number 405: The Envelope Please

A couple of weeks ago I hit post 400 and rambled on about this milestone. Since then there's been another five posts and some slight changes. I have upped the number of posts on the home page to 20 and changed the sidebar so that "This Page's Posts" does just that... links to the posts wherever they might appear on the current page. I had a large backlog of links to add to each of the category pages, but I am now all caught up. Finally, I added a Food category and got rid of two older ones that no-one (including me) seemed to care about.

I previously posted seven reasons why this site exists, so here I'll complete that tally with reason number one.

1. It's you.

This was implicit it many of the other reasons, but here it needs to be said once and for all: this blog exists for the readers. If I didn't have enthusiastic responses, reasoned criticisms and the occassional generous donation I don't think I'd find the energy to keep going.

In the last few months there's been heated debates about cameras, enthusiasm for my digital recorder comparions and thanks for help with Windows issues.

There was even a large donation from "Mark U.", the sort of thing that really helps in these harsh economic times in Ireland. (Not that being an artist is ever a path to fortune.)

Anyway, thanks all. Keep the comments coming. Correct my mistakes; add your voice; let me know if you want more of something or a different flavour of something else.

And don't forget to check out my photos on Flickr, though if you don't have time to view all 3,000 I'll understand!


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