Saturday, January 23, 2010

50 Cent Albums: "Les Protorythmiques" by erikM & Thomas Lehn

one track - complete EP (30:19)
available here

This is another confusing one. eMusic credits it as being a release by DJ erikM, but that is only partially correct. "Les Protorythmiques" is a composition by Luc Ferrari for two DJs. When Ferrari was too unwell to perform at the Musique Action festival, Thomas Lehn stepped up to the decks. But all of the source material is from Ferrari's archives. The album should therefore be credited to all three artists.

This is not a very successful project. The DJs trot out all the expected devices -- "oh look, here come the stutter vocals!" -- without demonstrating any real affinity for the sonic material. Perhaps the tools at their disposal are not up to the task of subtle electro-acoustics. Perhaps the composition itself fails, but without seeing the score (or hearing an alternative interpretation) that is an impossible call to make.

I am sure that listening to this live in 2005 would have been a satisfying experience for those present. I simply think there was little need to document what is an underwhelming exercise.

I include this album in my list only because it is much better to spend almost nothing and realise one has an inferior Ferrari record than to spend a good deal on an obscure import. Completists like myself will want to hear it anyway, and it must be said that others appreciate "Les Protorythmiques" more than I do. The Boomkat review, for example, calls it "absolutely beautiful." But then again, they file the record under "Folk/Americana", so perhaps their judgement is suspect.

One more Ferrari recording tomorrow and then I'll move on to other artists.


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