Thursday, December 10, 2009

new track: Wavefront Makara

I have a new (short) track online, entitled "Wavefront Makara (hue blue linear)". This is a response to the post at Music Of Sound in which film sound designer Tim Prebble asked people to interpret a particular image of ocean waves. Go there and check out the photograph. I urge you to listen to the other submissions, because they are very good!

I interpreted the image in two ways. First, objectively, in terms of what the actual pixels sound like, using a programme that interprets pixel data using additive synthesis. Second, subjectively, in terms of what the location the image represents might sound like. For this I used location recordings of a beach and waves I gathered here in Ireland. This collision of extreme digital sounds and more palatable phonography I left pretty well undoctored.

I have the track hosted at Soundcloud, a "a platform and tool for creating, collaborating, promoting & distributing music". They re-encode uploads as 128 kbps mp3 files, which is a little weak, but you can't argue with two hours of free hosting! (If the file is made available as a download, the listener gets that in the original format, which can be OGG or WAV.)

Comment here if you have used Soundcloud and what your experience has been. I find it a little Web 2.0 but I'm trying not to gag on that spoon.


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