Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Soundings 0910 concert Thursday!

Soundings 0910 Poster

Full details are on the Soundings website, but I wanted to put an announcement here, in order to invite everyone in the Limerick area to the first event of our fourth season. After a long gap over the spring and summer we are back with a new venue. But it will be the same eclectic blend of live performance, interactive media and playback pieces, all highlighting the best in today's electroacoustic music scene.

St. Munchin's Church is currently used by the architecture department at the University of Limerick, after being for some time the home to the Island Theatre Company. But this is the first time Soundings will be using this decommissioned church as a venue. We are eager to see how our state-of-the-art multi-channel sound system fills this space!

One thing we have always said on our posters is "first come, first served". But now that we have a much smaller space I am sure some of our more popular nights will in fact sell out. Get there early if you want a seat!

Since the beginning Jurgen Simpson has been my partner in this venture. Now I'd like to welcome Robert Sazdov, the new director of the CCMCM, to the team. I trust it will continue to be a productive partnership.

As for the music... go to the website to check out the line-up. We have another event coming up in only two weeks! Busy times!


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