Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terminal Document IV

I write a manifesto and I want nothing
yet I say certain things
and in principle I am against manifestos
as I am also against principles
-- Tristan Tzara, 1918
I wrote the following on 13 March 1987. No, really.

Terminal Document IV

I will become a physicist
to chart our entropic decline

I will become a politician
to assist in the suicide of the state

I will become an economist
and graph the bankruptcy of the soul

I will become an artist
to sack the public galleries

I will become a soldier
so that I can abandon my post

I will become a musician
to pipe the rodents home

I will become a dancer
inducing nausea with my pirouettes

I will become an engineer
burning my bridges behind me

I will become a priest
and get drunk on the sacrificial wine

I will become a god
to celebrate my own impotence


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