Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday in Greece?

visit Greece

The BBC were likely mistaken in an advertising decision evident on their website earlier last week. A news clip concerning the rioting in Greece was preceded by an upbeat video promoting vacationing in that Mediterranean country. Naturally the advert included no shots of the type this Flickr photographer is documenting.

This brought to mind a comment I made on a photography site recently. (Though by this juxtaposition I do not want to equate the two situations politically.)

"The other way to combat terrorism is to ignore it completely. If terror isn't induced, if the state is not made to react in more oppressive ways, if fear is not put into the hearts of the citizenry, then terrorism has failed.

Take your next holiday in Mumbai for instance."

When I mentioned this idea in conversation the recipients of my statement were horrified. Apparently the news media carries such power that it can convince people of almost anything, regardless of any factual basis. A couple decades ago that might have been excusable, but now that we're well into the twenty-first century I wonder when people are going to sit up and become more cynical?

Healthy cynicism would make the world a much better place this Christmas.

But back to Greece. To torch someone else's car takes nothing; to torch one's own is an act of bravery. (As I wrote here.) And so, a Christmas card for you:

if your whole life is your car...


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