Monday, September 01, 2008

New escalation 501 Tracks Released!

As escalation 501 I am working on some radical "remixes" of material from Canadian post-punk duo Quietus 2. I found a tape of theirs in a box with several other miscellaneous titles (including some field recordings I might use someday). I think perhaps I was given this to play on air, back when I was a DJ in London, Ontario. Somehow the cassette has gone missing again, but not before I was able to sample extracts from the odd synth tunes and tape noises.

The release was called "The Human Condition" but didn't contain the same tracks as those indicated on the band's wikipedia entry. One was called "Dead Twilight Falls" and had a moody grandeur entirely at one with over-romantic lyrics -- so typical of the early eighties.

Anyway, I have put the excerpts to good use. They have a certain post-new wave sound I like a lot, and this has informed the much-scrambled resulting tracks. Two of these, "Mentality Vetoed" and "Wild Fatal Delights", have now been uploaded to escalation 746 MySpace page. Hear them while you can!


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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Quietus 2! I recently (10 minutes ago) finally took the time to transfer my entire Quietus 2 collection (3 songs) from cassette to that flash in the pan MP3 format. Being Boiled (originally by The Human League), Bunker Soldiers (originally by OMD) and the very rare Quietus 2 composition DNA are now comfortably residing on my server. It is heartening to know that these examples of the early 80's Burmese Futurist Movement will live on. It would be exceptional to hear them remixed or sampled.

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