Monday, August 18, 2008

Me On Flickr

Skateboarding 15688: Spin

You haven't heard too much from me here -- I've been too busy taking pictures, developing pictures and writing about photography in various forums. As well I've been posting as much as possible to my Flickr account. Since all this activity is likely to be curtailed significantly as the summer comes to an end, I thought I'd provide some pointers here... a bit of a summary.

First, my top three photos according to Flickr. (Of course you'll want to click through to get larger sizes.)


Lilac Stairs

Riverside Flats

That last shot is also a Silver Medal winner in the Foto Competition group, which provides a forum for four-way contests on a given theme. If you win an initial contest you get to post to the group as a Bronze Medal winner. If you win the next contest you get a Silver, the next let's a shot qualify and the final round of four gets a Gold. The results give a good idea of what fellow Flickr members value in a photo.

These are my other Silver winners.

Village Of Corfe Castle At Night

Antique Knob

I have posted to several other Flickr groups, and am the top contributor to Pentax K100D Super (246 members), Cosina 100mm f/3.5 Macro (104 members), Vivitar Series 1 (29 members), imagery crisis (221 members) and Irish Photographers (275 members).

Additionally I am one of the top five contributors to A different point of view, ...Finding Ireland... and Limerick. All pretty meaningless statistics I am sure!

Through the autumn I will try to keep posting photos, but I am unlikely to spend the time for so much group activity. The best way to keep track of my work is to add me as a contact.

See you there!


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Anonymous said...

Nice to finally see the man behind the camera!

Great postings on your blog! I've got you bookmarked.

- Greg

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