Monday, July 21, 2008

90 More Minutes Of Dalek I Love You

As the keeper of "The Annotated Dalek I Love You Discography" I am proud to announce an update, likely the last significant one the document will have. This follows the overdue digital release of their third lost album Naive. Ninety minutes of new Dalek i material -- could it be true?

I won't keep you in suspense but rather urge you over to this site to grab all 25 tracks, only one of which has previously seen the light of day. ("Prince of Clowns" was on an earlier incarnation of the site.)

The second noteworthy discovery is "The Legend Of Wild Jim", a strange rambling audio adventure released in 1982 in Issue No. 15 of the music magazine SFX. This you can grab from the music-isms blog, which contains all things good and Liverpudlian. (And some things rather poor and Liverpudlian too -- it is comprehensive.)

Finally some news direct from Dave Hughes. Next spring we can expect the release of the film Awaydays (from the book by Kevin Sampson). Predominantly about footie it also "features amongst other things, Eric's Club, Dalek I, The Bunnymen and Probe Records". Our Mr. Hughes has done the soundtrack.

In full the Dalek I Love You Discography has these additions:
  • "The Legend Of Wild Jim" from SFX Issue 15
  • track listing and full info for Naive
  • info on Gordon Hon
  • back cover image for "Horrorscope"
  • cover images for Liverpool: All This And Heaven Too
  • further catalogue numbers for Compass Kumpas Fontana re-release
  • correct index link for Fontana Compass Kumpas
  • correct timings for "Ambition" 7"
  • correct timings and descriptions for "Freedom Fighters" single
  • additional credits

There really is very little else to dig up, excepting demo tapes and "Notes from the Underground 6". We know that someone has these... so could you please raise your hand?

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