Thursday, March 06, 2008

Save Lives NOW!

Do you think the world goes on without you?

Do you think your voice does not matter?

You are wrong! You can make a difference!

"Israel and Gaza are on the brink of war. A ground assault has left many dead, and the rain of rockets only spreads. Israel is now considering a full-scale invasion of Gaza, which has never worked before. The only answer is a ceasefire deal, already suggested by Hamas and supported by 64% of Israelis and some senior cabinet ministers. With international help, this could make civilians on both sides safer."

Sign this petition and save lives.

Are you sick like I am of seeing people die for no reason? Does the "situation" in the Middle East seem unfair and far, far too much like a replay of the past?

Please go to Avaaz and shape the world into your own image.

We are the future. Each and every one of us changes the world. This I believe as an artist, as a citizen, as a being who shares my genetic code with each and every one of you reading.

We are all one. Division is an illusion.

(Multiplication twice so -- thanks Douglas!)

Do something today to make your whole year worthwhile!


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