Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Should I Write? You Tell Me!

Want me to write more articles on the topics you are interested in? Starting today I'm implementing a "ransom" system: You donate funds towards the article you want to see written. When the funds reach a designated cut-off point I provide the goods. Basically, buy me a coffee and I'll write something in my usual fact-filled, research-driven and jargon-free style. Read on for the details!

To make this work you need to click on my PayPal donation button and send me an incentive, along with text indicating which topic you'd like me to write about. You'll benefit from my research and unique point of view; I'll write what people really want to read. Everyone wins!

The following are suggested topics based on my interests and areas of expertise. Feel free to suggest other articles based on what you've enjoyed from me in the past.

Want to know what is the best deal in digital SLR cameras? The fact is they are not all created alike and one vendor in the marketplace has a complete bargain for those wanting to take photos that are good enough for National Geographic. Topic: SLR.

Already into photography and want to know what free software is available for processing, manipulating and editing files? I'm not talking about obvious products like GIMP, but rather noise removal software, RAW conversion tools, HDR processors and other components of the professionals' toolbox. Topic: photo software.

Prefer to buy a point'n'shoot camera but don't understand the key features? Want to know why a new 12 megapixel camera might just be worse than an older 6 megapixel model? I can bust the myths and tell you exactly which camera out of all the hundreds of available models is the best buy. And I'll reveal why it's all down-hill from here for this market segment. Topic: point'n'shoot.

I've already promised to write more about Kosmische and Krautrock music, since I'd love to recommend the best of the hundred or so albums I've heard. Want to know where to start buying bands such as Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel and Popol Vuh? Topic: Kosmische.

My original research for Dalek I Love You was used extensively for the recent CD issue of their second album. If I had the time I'd write a book on the whole post-punk era; if I have encouragement I'll at least write up some of the recommendations I have. Topic: post-punk.

Elsewhere I've promoted Rheostatics, Lennon and Ono and Wire. I've picked out the best ambient music and recommended obscure music sites. You know I've got more in store! Topic: more music.

Film: I've written appreciations of La Double vie de Véronique, The End Of Violence and Robert Altman. There are hundreds of other cinematic favourites, both lauded and obscure, that I could uncover for your edification. Topic: film.

Web readers love to read about themselves and their own fixations, and why not? One of my most popular entries is Uninstall U3 And Free Your USB Drive, which started a spirited debate and continues to draw thanks from many readers. Want me to write more about simple solutions for complex computer problems? I've been in this business since the days of DOS and so just might have a few nuggets of wisdom. Topic: computers.

As a audio engineer and sound artist I've already tried to share a lot of my research. Most recently a grant funded an extensive look at sensor computing -- no less than ten articles! I've also recommended the Audio Kontrol 1, helped you solve issues with the MicroTrack 24/96 and kept you abreast of advances in MiniDisc technology. I'm preparing a draft of an article comparing six different low-cost digital recorders. It needs six or eight more hours to complete. Interested? Topic: recorders.

I'm not looking for a fortune here, just some incentive to know that what I'm doing is appreciated. As soon as I get 30 euros in any given category I'll publish an article. Blog posts will keep you updated, and I'll thank all my benefactors by name (unless you wish to stay anonymous).

I'm interested in alternative economic models like the ransom system. Consider this my own private research into the topic.


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