Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Art For Christmas


In the spirit of Christmas I'll share some artwork by Róisín Kelly-Byrne, the twelve year-old I share my life with. I wish I'd have been as active and creative at that age as she is... who knows where I'd be now!

"Scott" is an animal designed to survive the unknown ecological future. He has sheep's ears (and tail), a snake's neck, turtle flippers, cat's whiskers, frog's eyes, shark's gills and more besides. The bow-tie? Well, even at the end of the world it pays to look your best. The fact he's all of these things and also Scott is so brilliant!

Happy Head

Here's a "Happy Head" -- a blob, minimally worked, that conveys just enough character to be really cute. To quote Ivor Cutler: "I'm happy, I'm happy, and I'll punch the man who says I'm not!"

Mascara Woman

I would not be surprised had I stumbled upon this "Mascara Woman" in one of the world's finest galleries. Instead it's on our wall.

Night Plate

"Night Plate" is an evocative scene in which the palace holds its own against the vigorous night sky. Róisín thinks it looks like a blancmange.


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It does look like blancmange though!

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