Thursday, August 02, 2007

How You Can Help

My Javascript went missing in action when I closed down one of my service providers. Now the Oblique Strategies are back, giving you a new approach to each day's problems. And the Amazon recommendations are back as well, new and improved. Which brings me to the topic of this entry.

There are lots of ways you can show you appreciate what I do here and help me continue.

1. Check out the aforementioned Amazon buttons in the sidebar. I've updated them so that now each recommended item is explicitly mentioned, with a link to the article in which it is discussed. Remember that you don't need to buy my recommended DVD or book or CD. Anything you buy after clicking on a link sends a trickle of revenue back to me. I get a buck instead of Amazon; you pay the same either way.

2. You can donate using my PayPal link. Maybe what you'd spend on a coffee. Especially a Starbucks coffee, say a Caramel Machiatto. Yum! (Though I am rather conflicted about Starbucks and in fact am happy there are none here to tempt me.)

3. You can leave a comment to say how much I delight you, annoy you, or get you thinking about something new. That makes me happy. And sometimes angry. But that's what it's all about.

4. You can hire me to write something for money. Then I can buy my own coffee. And food.

5. You can hire Parmar Development to build your next website.

6. If you like broken beats and noisy ambiance you might invite escalation746 to play your next wedding.

In any case I will not put any ads on this site. I just don't think it's appropriate.

Alright, over to you.


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