Monday, July 30, 2007

Thanks For Being Here

Every now and then I get the overwhelming urge to thank all my readers for being here and on my other sites, notably the programming blog diagrammes modernes. This most recently happened when I realised I'd had 24,293 visitors so far this year.

I use the amazing free Statcounter tool, which I recently found out is written by an Irishman, Aodhan Cullen. He just won BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year, celebrating, in proper Dublin style, with pints at the Brazen Head. I recommend this analytics package for those who do not have full access to the web sever logs.

So, Statcounter has told me that I am now averaging over 42,000 unique visitor -- over 50,000 hits -- per year. Not bad!

To celebrate I'd also like to invite you all down to the pub... but that may not be practical. Instead I promise to keep writing as much as I can, though lots of other interests might compete.

But, hey, you can always encourage me. More on that shortly.


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