Saturday, June 16, 2007

Major Second Life Business Opportunity

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As you likely already know, Second Life (SL) is a virtual world in which a player takes on a particular role and can play, do business and otherwise interact with other players through that character. It has become newsworthy as an economy which trades its virtual currency with those in real life (RL). I have a novel business opportunity for a Second Life entrepreneur. As my own corporeal life does not give me enough time to pursue this, I offer it free here for any who wish to profit from it. (This can also make a fortune in other virtual worlds, but I will continue to use SL here as a primary example.)

To recap: Avatars in SL can purchase goods and services, transact land deals, travel by a variety of means including teleportation, and communicate either locally (whisper, talk, shout) or globally (IM). Items can be created in-world or using external software, can be given their own attributes and behaviours, and sold or be left to run autonomously.

Companies are using SL as a virtual meeting room and many educational organisations use virtual locations for training. Prototypes of products are presented first in SL for market research and many artists make their living through SL creations.

There seems to be almost nothing one cannot do in SL, yet I have discovered a lacuna at the center of this world. There is one service not offered to SL avatars, despite it being massively popular in RL.

I speak of the Internet. My business proposal is to offer SL avatars access through Internet cafes, a model that has been shown to work in RL. By charging hourly rates for connections -- and providing related services -- the business owner would enable avatars to reach out from their limited territory in cyberspace to the much larger communities found in newsgroups, chat rooms, social sites and the web at large.

This phenomenon would undoubtedly sweep SL in an process similar to its adoption in RL, except on a massively accelerated time-scale. Soon, no decent avatar would be without Internet access. Larger and larger amounts of avi time would be spent in the meta-virtual world the Internet provides.

With over seven million residents, this business opportunity provides incredible earnings potential.

Once you succeed I ask only for a small cut, say 10% of profit, in acknowledgment of the research I have done in behaviour analysis to enable this proposal. Of course I cannot enforce this payment. But believe me, you'll feel much better having paid your psychic debt.



Anonymous said...

Huh? I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. Do you want RL cafes offering access to SL? But they already can! O.o

And I don't see SL to RL working out really well until they get that internal web browser working.

Anonymous said...

what a thinking about business opportunity, i am also trying to write somthing about business opportunity

Anonymous said...

Not following you here...

1) to use SL you need an Internet conenction

2) it's is pretty easy to link to a 2D website from inside SL

3) You do not need to close SL to use a browser

what are you pointing at?