Friday, March 09, 2007

Dalek I Love You Album on CD Soon

The Theatre of Noise can now reveal, in an exclusive scoop, that the second Dalek I Love You album is finally getting a release on CD. Due on the Korova imprint through Warners in early April, this compilation will see the eleven original tracks joined by five bonus tracks and one previously unreleased selection. Truly music fans can rejoice!

Courtesy of the compiler, Tim Chacksfield, here is the track listing:
  1. Holiday in Disneyland
  2. Horrorscope
  3. Health and Happiness
  4. The Mouse That Roared
  5. Dad on Fire
  6. Ambition
  7. Heaven Was Bought For Me
  8. Lust
  9. 12 Hours of Blues
  10. Sons of Sahara
  11. Africa Express
  12. Would You Still Love Me
  13. These Walls We Build
  14. Horrorscope [Instrumental Version]
  15. Masks & Licenses
  16. The Angel and the Clown
  17. Heaven Was Bought For Me
  18. 12 Hours Of Blues [Dub Version]

The package will include the original sumptuous artwork and liner notes by Paul Lester.

My contribution to this project comes through my annotated discography which, though languishing in some forgotten corner of the web (a very old site of mine) still manages to be the definitive source of information on the group. I know this because over the years it has attracted the attention of former band members (Dave Hughes, Chuka Russo), group managers (Paul Collister), research students, and now, finally, someone willing to re-issue the music.

Update on discography now available.

Two decades ago I described Dalek I Love You as "an inventive tour-de-force with witty lyrics". The music has stood the test of time. Multi-layered percussion fuse with synthetic textures and unusual chordal patterns to create a happy, lush, yet quirky mix. Anyone remotely interested in pop music should put it on their "immediate buy" list.

I will have more on this release once I have heard the finished product.



☮alxblck said...

rad rad rad. Thanks for the tip.

Fans, you can probably still also check out some earlier dalek stuff on me blog Death Wears White Socks

Matt said...

Hey there Robin,

I've been reading and appreciating your work on DILY for a while and I was wondering if you had any idea where I could find Godot's "Something's Missing". I really enjoy "Extended Player" and I have spent the last five years or so looking for a digital version...any leads?

You can email me at methelfilms(at)gmail


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